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clock hraun

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Inspired by the Icelandic landscape - black sand, rock, lava, fire, ice & water - "purity & roughness" in Icelandic, HRAUN means LAVA - when lava solidifies it resembles a cracked cellular anthracite stone.

The body of the clock is made from concrete of anthracite colour. It is massive, high quality piece of handmade art object. The clock face is made from hand cut black glass which exactly fits into the hole of the clock body where the quartz clock machine with a silent movement mechanism is located. Clock hands are hand polished and gilded.

Every piece is original due to its hand work and may differ by the concrete’s typical porosity.


Dimensions: 250 x 115 x 205 mm
Technical info: Concrete cast, glass, metal
Color:  Anthracite


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clock hraun
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