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Things are born and happen. They have their own life which is often surprising. They have their own soul, which is often amazing and enduring. They have their own stories which are worthy of notice. Their beauty grows up suddenly and unexpectedly but then, they have even a stronger effect on the surroundings in which they are embedded.

At first, there came into existence the house designed for Petr Novak by Danila Polubedovova on the periphery of town. It is considered one of the most remarkable ones which came into existence in the 21st century. It did not happen by coincidence. It grew up on a heart floor plan in close connection with grass, bushes, trees and stones, on the place where the garden merges into the forest without noticing their boundaries. It looks like it has been there for ages. Even at the time of construction, its fine pulse was heard. Those who visit it mention the flow of positive energy that relaxes and purifies. It has no right angles, it is permeated with natural light and softness of shapes, colours and materials.

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